Kitchen Wall Spice Rack – Small Changes Big Impact

Kitchen Spice rack chalkboard labelsSometimes just changing out one or two small things in your home can make a big impact. My husband calls these Easter eggs. Meaning, when he comes home and finds a new decor items (in this case a spice rack) nestled in somewhere. 🙂  Obviously we can’t do entire room makeovers everyday or even every month,  so in between we need little wins.

Often times we just get so busy, we stop seeing certain things in our home,  they become part of our every day landscape. One wall in my kitchen has been bothering me for some time, so I finally changed it up. It was a small change, but it did make a big difference. This wall holds my wooden spice racks*, which I’ve had for years and still really love. What I didn’t love is the candle holder above them and the switch plate cover above that.

Spice Rack Wall Before

Oops I forgot to put the cat food away before taking that pic! I found this beautiful wall art* from the Charlie and Ella shop on Etsy. Their entire inventory is sold out at the moment, but this shop is worth book marking. They reopen as they create more inventory. It was perfect to hang above the spice rack and cover up that switch plate cover.


Grace will lead me home print


Because I had to hang the sign high enough to cover that switch plate, it left a pretty big gap between the spice racks and the sign, so I moved each spice rack up for better spacing.


Then I needed to change out the glass spice jars. These spice racks were a gift from a friend, but you can find the same racks here (mine were originally the wood tone, and I painted them black) and they came with some glass spice jars and I added in some jars that I already had. I wanted to make them all matching, and better organized so I ordered a new set of glass spice jars.

Kitchen Wall Spice Rack Organization, wooden spice rack, glass spice jars


Once the jars were all matching, I labeled them with these round chalkboard labels for better organization.


Kitchen Spice rack chalkboard labels

A very subtle change, but a very big difference! In other kitchen news, I came home from food shopping last weekend to find that my husband had ripped out my pantry. Which means construction has officially begun! Once I’m completely finished with the One Room Challenge project I’ve been working on, I will be spending more time planning and sharing the kitchen transformation. Be sure to stop back here Thursday for the final reveal of the One Room Challenge, I am SO happy with it!

~Update-see my kitchen makeover here~

kitchen spice racks


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  1. You’re so right! That looks so good!! What a great sign. Nice choice.

  2. Love that sign and it looks great – can’t wait to see your pantry Roxanne

  3. I love to see small changes like this! It is fun to see what little things can do to change the loook of a room, that spice rack is great!

  4. Roxanne what a great picture! I love how you covered up the switch plate on your wall too! I need to do that a few places in my home!

  5. How did you hang the spice racks

  6. Where did you get the top rack’s spices jars (the ones with orange rubber ring)?

    1. Those came with the spice racks which were purchased at Crate and Barrel years ago. Check Bed Bath & Beyond, they may have them.

      1. Ah I see, will def check them out, thanks for the reply

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