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Family Room Neutrals

If you’re looking for simple decorating ideas, this post is for you. My family room has been pretty messy the last few months due to the construction in the kitchen. We had boxes of kitchen items that ended up being stored in this room. Now that it’s finally cleared out I wanted to freshen things up around the mantel.

I used only things that I already had. These are all very budget-friendly ideas, that you can use anywhere around the house. I started with books. Books are a great versatile decorating accessory, you really can’t have too many. I ripped the covers off of some old paperbacks and bundled them with some twine. Books work well to give an item some height as well.


Mantle decorating


For visual balance I used greenery. On the right is a fern that I picked from my yard and on the left is a faux plant from Ikea on the shelf. Hanging from the mantel is a real succulent plant, I’m still trying to figure out what exactly that one is called.

Neutral Decorating ideas


The clear vase is a recycled bottle. I whitewashed my terra-cotta pots to give them a more rustic feel and stacked them on the mantel. I used a foam brush to apply white paint and then rubbed some of it off with a paper towel. These are another inexpensive decorating accessory that could be used countless ways.

Terra Cotta Pots mantle decor

In the center is a cool piece I found in Peddlers Village, PA last summer. The shop was called Left Bank Home, you should check it out if you’re ever over that way. I added my DIY decorative bowl fillers to it. Those are also very versatile, I’ve been meaning to make some more of those.

These are just a few simple decorating ideas, that are fast and inexpensive too! Which is great for this time of year when we need to be outside enjoying the warm weather.

The Honeycomb Home Family Room decor


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Mantle with plankboard



  1. Beautiful fireplace wall!! I like how the black of the TV balances out the black of the fireplace opening against all the white. It’s very striking!

  2. I love those terra cotta pots. What an inexpensive but VERY affordable way to add some rustic charm! They would look amazing on my shelves in my living room. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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