How to Paint Mason Jars

Painting Mason Jars

We all know mason jars are the most versatile home accessories, but did you know that you can also paint them? I had some plain mason jars that I wanted to paint blue to match the colors in my family room. Honestly, I probably would’ve just bought some blue mason jars rather than painting them, since the cost of ordering the paint would’ve been about the same as buying new jars,  but I already had several of the exact size I needed.

I read several blog tutorials & did my own take with the info. Items I used are as follows:

Pebeo Vitrea 160 Glass Paint blue

Pebeo Vitrea Dilutant

long paint brush

paper cup for mixing

wax or parchment paper


On my first round of painting,   I put my dab of paint in a paper cup & mixed with approx. a teaspoon of the diluant. It seemed too thick, so I added more diluant. I ended up adding the entire bottle of the diluant to get a liquid-enough consistency. I poured some into the first mason jar, planning on swirling it around in there but it was still too thick. So I used my paint brush & just painted the inside.

Then I placed the jars upside down on parchment paper to dry for about 7 hrs. The directions call for 24 hr drying time, but I’m impatient. Before baking, wipe around the top of the jar where the paint has accumulated. Bake for 40 minutes on 320 degrees. Shut off the oven and let them cool in there awhile before removing. I was satisfied with the results.


I had a few more jars I wanted to paint so I ordered another bottle of the diluant. This time I measured 1/4 teaspoon of the paint with 1 1/2 teaspoons of the diluant. The consistency was much more liquid this time, leaving me to believe maybe the first bottle I received was faulty in some way.

014I poured some paint into the jar and started turning the jar to swirl it around. I also used the paint brush to help spread it around evenly.



I liked the darker blue hue I was getting this time, so I got out the first five I already painted & repainted those as well.


Again, I let them sit upside down on parchment paper for about 7 hrs., cleaned around the top of the jar, replaced the paper this time because a lot of paint had accumulated & then baked 40 minutes at 320 degrees. It does give off a bit of a strange odor while baking.

Here’s the result on my second go around.



They definitely have some visible streaks, but from what I’ve read online, that is to be expected. From a few steps back you really can’t tell.

The Pebeo paints come in a large variety of colors which is useful if you’re looking to match a color to your home or party theme.

If you want to see some other versions of painting mason jars you can check here, here and here.

If you are interested in buying mason jars that are already blue,  World Market carries them, as well as Bed Bath & Beyond. Michaels also sells them in blue and a nice green color. If you’ve already  tried painting these jars, I’d love to hear your results.


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  1. I haven’t used or painted mason jars but one of the things I like to reuse are jam jars. Some of them are so pretty and have great shapes. I like to use them for things like cotton balls or q-tips. I usually put a narrow ribbon around the neck or glue a flower on to the top of the jar.

    1. I like the ribbon idea, Rosemary. I always think twice before I put any glass jars into recycling. Sometimes I’ll save them just to put a few cut flowers or brances in.

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