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creative design and craft ideas for the homeI firmly believe everyone needs a creative outlet. For me that is home decorating, refinishing furniture, reviving flea market finds and anything home related. If you follow along with me, I’m guessing all of this interests you as well so let’s get creative together!

Today, rather than show you what project I’m working on, I want to encourage you to get started on projects of your own. I’ve been researching a line of paints by Amy Howard Home*  for months and I really like the products as well as the programs that she offers.

The products range from furniture paints to stencils and everything in between. I just ordered the Rescue Restore One Step Paint (in the color Blessed) and after trying it out on some craft projects, I can’t wait to repaint my daughter’s dresser with it. No sanding or priming is necessary with this paint and it works on most any surface, including metal. Another huge bonus is that it doesn’t need to be sealed!

get creative with this one step rescue and restore furniture paint

Get Creative With Project Kits

Also offered are complete project kits to help you get creative. They come with everything you need (plus plenty leftover) to make the project as well as detailed how-to instructions. For example, you could create this beautiful wall art for your home.

be still my soul wall art


Inside this kit you will find the stencil, chalk art, paint and tools you’ll need to make it. When you’re done, you’ll have the stencil to keep for future projects as well as all the other supplies.

Simple diy projects kits you'll love for home decor , such creative ideas


One of the things I liked best about Amy is that whether or not you feel you are the creative type, her products fit anyone at any experience level.

creative ideas for the home DIY inspiration


For example, if you like to learn by watching, Amy Howard hosts live Facebook videos where you can create projects right along with her using one of the featured project kits. This would be a fun idea for hosting a girls night! The next one is coming up on October 27th and Amy will be teaching how to make this “Simple Beauty” DIY wall art.

creative craft ideas, DIY Simple Beauty wall sign

You can order the supply kit for these lives ahead of time so you’ll have it. However, even if you can’t attend the event live, you will receive a replay link that doesn’t expire.

If you see a past live that you would’ve like to make, you can still order the supply kit and get the link for the replay video.

Get Creative & Become A Maker

If you already are the creative type or are business-minded,  you may want to consider becoming a “Maker” yourself as part of the Maker’s Program. This is great for serious painters or crafters because you will earn 25% back on all of your purchases. That was a huge selling point for me considering how much paint I buy. You can also earn money by hosting your own workshops or selling Amy’s products. You can even host in-home parties for family and friends.

I believe the popularity of this Maker’s program is only going to grow, so now is a great time to get on board while it’s still relatively new! It could be a great side business or supplemental income. You can’t have all your financial eggs in one basket these days!

get creative with this french script stencil

Become a “Maker” and you will have access to a mentor, tons of information, and promotional materials to get you started. Also included is an invitation to the private Facebook group.

One of the many things you’ll find in your Maker’s dashboard is recipe cards, which I love! These cards show a finished project with a complete “recipe” on how to make it. It details the supplies needed as well as step by step instructions with photos.

DIY creative project kits and recipe cards

I just ordered the French Script stencil (shown in the photo with the rose), I have about 5 ideas on ways to use that! Of course, I’ll be sharing all my DIY’s here as I make them so keep an eye out for those!

Head over to the Maker’s Studio now to find out more. Be sure to check out the digital catalog while you’re there, it’s full of beautiful ideas to inspire. Whos ready to get creative with me?


“Making something beautiful with your creativity and a handful of helpful products is rewarding. Making something beautiful alongside others is a gift.”

~Amy Howard


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Do you love DIY and crafts? Learn how to turn your passion into a money making side income!



Creative ideas to make for the home, regardless of your level of experience! Find inspiration for everything from furniture to crafts and learn how you can make this a side income too!


  1. Wonderful Roxanne! I too believe in this Maker’s Studio products and growing financially with being a Maker myself. Can’t wait to see what you do with the french script stencil.

  2. I agree that this is a fun opportunity. I sat in on a session with Amy Howard last year at Haven and loved it. I just need to find the time to fit it all in. 🙂

  3. Oh I so want to get back into crafting and creating. I have never tried the Amy Howard products but I am now looking forward to doing so.
    🙂 gwingal

  4. Roxanne, I didn’t know you had become a Maker! I wish I could have stayed on board… I may start-up again in the future. Love the products, the kits, and Amy’s heart and Who she stands for! 😉

  5. I love these kits and to be able to create that patina look would be fantastic.

  6. I’ve never heard of this! Sounds very interesting; thanks for the introduction! Off to check it out!

  7. How great to have kits and instructionals for those who can use a hand in putting things together!

  8. It sounds like a great opportunity! Enjoy looks like it can be a great business.

  9. This is a great opportunity! Sounds like you can create a good business with it.

  10. I just started using chalk paint but I am really enjoying how easy the paint goes on. Thanks for sharing this new-to-me brand!

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