Upcycled Killie Pot Planter

Giant succulent killie pot planter


Last weekend I visited my favorite flea market that only happens twice a year. I always come away with some amazing finds. I prep like an athlete in training for this one, lol. Get there early, stay hydrated, and do a super quick lap as soon as I get there to scout out the goods. Last year I picked up this cool little planter (which I’m calling my killie pot planter) that I thought you might be interested in seeing. I wish this was a DIY project I thought up myself, but it’s not. The baskets are killie pots used for fishing, and may also be referred to as a minnow trap*.

killie pot minnow pot fishing basket


Isn’t that cool? When I bought it, it already had plants in it but they died over the winter. The only survivor was the cactus in one of the pots. It was my least favorite of the plants but I decided to keep it anyway and go with that theme. Inside the baskets are lined with burlap.

Killie pot container garden


Here’s a better shot of the cactus plant. I had added a few small succulents in with it, but they were too small, so I took those back out.

Planting a killie pot planter creative planter ideas


In their place I added a string of pearls plant that I found in Lowe’s. The string of peals plant is somewhat hard to find around here, but I did notice that the Home Depot sells these succulents online. In the other basket I added a large succulent that I found at Home Depot. It’s called Flapjacks or “Kalanchoe luciae”. It’s the first time I’ve seen succulents of this size for sale. Usually I only see the mini ones.

Killie pot succulent planter top view creative planter ideas


I’m not sure exactly what the frame of the planter is, but it looks a lot like the frames that hold pet food bowls. The frame looks like it was spray painted a light greenish-gray color that closely matches the gray of the killie pots.

Creative planter idea - killie pot planter


The bits of rust showing through the killie pots give it that farmhouse feel that I love.

Succulents and String of Pearls Killie pot planter


Now if I can keep these succulents alive, we will be in good shape. I’ve had my killie pot planter in a mostly sunny area for about a two weeks now and the succulents seem to like it there so far.

Killie basket planter


This year at the flea market I found an amazing set of vintage corbels. I have big plans for those, I’ll share more on that soon!


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  1. I just love repurposed planters! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm–pinned!

  2. This is such a cute project! I had no idea what a Killie pot is, but I have an old minnow trap on my porch that I’m also using as a planter! How funny!! Thanks for linking to The Gathering Place, this will be my feature today!

  3. What a fun idea! I’ve never seen a succulent that big either, but now I’m going to hunt for one!

  4. So cute, Roxanne! I also had no idea with a Killie pot was but love the idea of using one as a planter. Great find!

  5. What a cute idea. Thank you for sharing! I think I should go to flea market more from now on 😀

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