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I get many comments with questions regarding something you guys read here, and I noticed many of them are repeat questions. Today I thought I would address them all at once for easy reference. If you have any questions that aren’t here, please leave a comment!

How are the vinyl plank floors in my daughter’s room holding up?

how do vinyl plank floors hold up

I have had the most questions regarding the vinyl plank floors we installed in my daughters room last year. I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with these! They are easy to clean and are durable. No scratching has occurred. Someone also was wondering  if,  when we move the furniture in there, indents were left on the floor. I checked that too, and am happy to report they stay perfectly intact!


How did I hang the mini wreaths on my kitchen cabinets?

How to make mini book page wreaths-2

This has got to be the second most often asked question I get. These wreaths are made of book pages, and are very light weight. I draped the twine from the wreath over the top of the door so that the ends were on the inside of the door and used a piece of painters tape to secure it in place. You could also use a command hook if you prefer. I added the twine bow afterwards, it’s a separate piece.


How did I prep the linoleum floors for painting?

how to paint linoleum flooring

For the painted linoleum floor project, we prepped the floors by cleaning them very well, several times. That was it!

How are the painted linoleum floors holding up?

My niece has reported very minor scratching. We did seal these floors with one coat of sealer, we plan to add another coat which I think will prevent future scratching.


Is the greenery in my house real or faux?

rustic plant holder2

It’s a mix. I used to be very against faux flowers and greenery but now there are options that looks so realistic that I’m converting my thoughts on that. I have several plants that are faux, including this one above. You can find them online here and here.


What design course did I take?

online interior design course

I took an online course through the New York Institute of Art and Design. I chose this one because I was able to study from home at my own pace. It took me about a year and half to complete as I was studying on nights and weekends around my day job. I followed that up with a Home Staging business course from the Staging Diva.


How did I prep my cabinets for paint?

Painting cabinets-distressing

To prep my cabinets for painting all that I did was clean them very well, several times. We had lived in this house for over 10 years before I finally painted them, so there was a good amount of build up on them. I did not sand them prior because I was using Annie Sloan chalk paint which doesn’t require any sanding prior. You can read the entire process of how I painted my cabinets here.

How are the painted cabinets holding up?

cabinets painted with chalkpaint

It’s been almost two years since I’ve painted these cabinets with chalk paint and I have to say they are holding up amazingly well! Right before I took the photos for my Christmas home tour, I touched up two of the most used cabinet doors that had minor chipping. Other than that, they still look the same as the day I painted them. I would absolutely use this paint again for kitchen cabinets.


How did we hide the cable box in my family room?

Family Room Decorating Ideas Summer The Honeycomb Home

I wrote a detailed post on that, you can read it all here.


One other question I’m often asked is about the paint colors in my home. I plan to write a separate post on that because it’s too long to fit that here. I’ll be back here Wednesday with an update on my half bathroom makeover! I’m finally done with all the painting and I’ve moved on to some DIY projects in there!







  1. Hi Roxanne,

    Love your style and your ideas! I really want to paint my builder-grade maple cabinets. I’ve been reading your posts about kitchen cabinet painting. In your original you mentioned that you would not use chalk paint again on kitchen cabinets if you were to do it again. But in your FAQ you said you would use it again. Have you changed your mind now that you’ve seen how it’s held up over time? Or would you recommend another type of paint? ????

    1. Thank you Alicia! I had to go back and read why I said I wouldn’t use it again. I think what happened was, because my cabinets were over 10 years old when I was painting them I was having trouble with grease spots coming through. Now I know that will happen regardless of what paint you use. I am happily surprised how well this paint has held up since painting and yes, I would use it again for cabinets. Another thing that gets annoying when using the chalk paint/wax combo is when using the clear wax sometimes little fibers or hairs will get in it that will show on your cabinet when applying it, so you have to keep scraping those out. But again, still worth it for the durability. I hope that helps!

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