Five for Friday #39

Happy Friday! The sun is finally out over here in NJ and I’m looking forward to finally getting into some gardening this weekend. After almost two weeks straight of rain we were beginning to think we lived in Seattle. I’m going to try my hand at planting some ground cover plants in my walkway, I’ll let you know how that turns out. In the meantime, my Five for Friday design picks have a theme this week-decorating with black and white. Enjoy!


  1.  Beautiful black and white living room from Homey Oh My. I’m obsessed with that table and that rug.

black and whtie living room homey oh my


2. Would you believe these 3 bookcases are from Target? I love Crane Concept has done with them!

DIY Book Cases


3. Simple, fun and bright describes this black and white office via Harpers Bazaar.

black and white office


4. This dramatic black and white gallery wall Stlyizmo really makes a statement!

stylizmo - black and white gallery wall



5. Lastly a DIY to try this weekend is this black and white gallery wall from Rain on A Tin Roof. It’s beyond awesome and she did it with paint!! Seriously. Awesome.

Black and White gallery wall Rain on a tin Roof


Have a great weekend!

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