Fall Front Porch Decorating 2023

I am sure most of us are thinking all things Christmas at this point, but I couldn’t let fall pass without sharing my fall front porch decorating.

My small front porch is bursting with fall colors right now so I had to snap a few photos.

Small front porch decorated for fall

We have a dwarf Japanese maple tree right next to the front porch that turns brilliant red this time of year. There is also a climbing hydrangea growing on the trellis that turns pretty shades of yellow in the fall.


I wanted to compliment those colors with fall front porch decorating as well as bring in some orange tones.


A few weeks ago I had switched out the chair on my porch in favor of this long wooden brown bench. I had brought it to a vintage sale I was selling at and it didn’t sell. Which I wasn’t sad about because I do love the bench.

Since it was in my truck, I decided to try it on the porch for a while.


I used all the basic fall elements out here such as mums, dried gourds, and pumpkins. All are easy to find and easy on the budget.

Along with those I also had cabbage plants, my ferns that are still thriving from summer, pansies, and a bit of Indian corn for accent.


All this fall color makes me happy every time I walk out the door.


It won’t be long until the colors fade and the leaves fall off so I wanted to appreciate this as long as I can.


While I do, the Christmas wheels are spinning in my head on what I’ll do out here next. One option I’m considering is a full-size Christmas tree outside, right in front of the lattice with the mirror.

Our front porch is small but I do get so much enjoyment from it. It’s one of my favorite spots to decorate and switch out seasonally. Partly because I love mixing rustic elements with flowers.

Combining those two things together always makes a perfect pairing!

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  1. So pretty! Do you leave the mirror up all year long?

    1. Thanks Ruth, and yes I do. I bought that mirror for only $15 at a yard sale so I’m not worried if it deteriorates.

  2. So pretty with all the fall colors. The bench out there is perfect too.

  3. Love that you’re taking the time to fully enjoy the last beautiful vestiges of autumn. Your porch decor is always charming and inviting. Like you, I love decorating my porch for every season and holiday. Makes me happy both coming and going! May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!🦃

    1. Thanks so much, happy Thanksgiving!

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