Cute & Easy Christmas Tree

As you guys know, I put up my big natural Christmas tree in my daughter’s room several weeks ago. But I also wanted a living room Christmas tree this year. I ended up doing it as simply as possible. Not everyone wants to go all out with a big tree so I wanted to show you this easy Christmas tree idea.


I bought a real tree for the living room, but kept it small. It’s about 3 feet high. It has the cutest shape with a full bottom and is slightly sparse near the very top.

I had a set of pretty multicolored ornaments I found on clearance a year or so ago that I hadn’t used. It was a set of 24 ornaments and that was the perfect amount for this tree.

multicolored ornaments for Christmas tree

My plan was to string lights onto this tree. But I didn’t feel like digging out my bins again, so I used two sets of battery-operated glimmer light strings (similar to these) instead. Those worked out very well, no wire hanging down to plug into the wall.

The tree needed a little something more, so I also added one strand of cranberry bead garland I had.


Sometimes smaller trees will come with a tree stand. Unfortunately, this one did not but I found one made for small trees at the Christmas Tree shop. It was under $10.

The stand I bought is plastic and not very pretty. I didn’t want to cover it with a typical tree skirt so I used a plaid scarf similar to this one instead.


You can’t really tell in this photo, but the scarf has a bit of cute little fringe around the edges which looks nice.

So to summarize, here is what I used for this easy Christmas tree. A mini tree, one set of ornaments, one strand of garland, two glimmer string stands, and a scarf for a tree skirt.


It compliments my Christmas mantel perfectly. It really doesn’t get easier than that!

You can shop the look below by clicking any image:


  1. Adorable!!! Merry Christmas ❤

    1. Ty ❤️ Merry Christmas!

  2. I love this little tree! So, simple and the plaid scarf was a perfect touch. I think I may do one of these in my entry way.

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