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Fall Decorating - Cotton Wreath wrapped with twine


Hi guys!  On Monday I gave you a sneak peek at my fall mantel.  Today I wanted to tell you a little more about this cotton wreath.  I was browsing online a few ago when I came across this amazing cotton wreath below from Joss and Main.  I instantly loved it but was disappointed to see that it cost $175!  Say Whaaat?  It’s on sale now for $128, but it’s out of stock.

Cotton Wreath Joss and Main $175


Of course my first thought was that I would DIY my own cotton wreath.  I started looking into buying cotton and realized pretty quickly that to buy enough cotton to make an entire wreath would set me back quite a bit.  Between the cost and the time it would take to DIY, I ruled the idea out.

As fate would have it, a few days later I was in Home Goods and found a cotton wreath there for $50.  Knowing I couldn’t make it for even that much, I bought it.  I loved it as was, but I did feel it needed a little something more.  So I got out my twine and wrapped it around the entire wreath.  You can probably figure this out yourself, but here is a little step by step to show you what I did.

Clockwise:  I first tied a piece of the twine on the wreath hanger, leaving it attached to the spool.   I wrapped it around the wreath trying to space it evenly as I went.

How to make a fall cotton wreath

Once it was wrapped all the way around, I tied it off in the back with a knot.  Lastly, I cut about 8 pieces of twine in equal lengths and tied little bows around the twine on the front of the wreath.  I think that little detail really makes the whole wreath, don’t you?

Fall Decorating Cotton Wreath


My husband is still pretty confused about the whole thing.  He thought a wreath made of cotton was pretty odd, lol.  He and one of our neighbors had a few good laughs over it, calling it the barnyard wreath.

cotton wreath fall decorating ideas


I, however, am very happy with my little cotton wreath…call it what you will!  Obviously it doesn’t live on my TV set, so for now I have it hanging on a hallway door.  It’s a little too bulky to keep on my front door, and I think the constant opening and closing would knock some of the cotton off.

Cotton Wreath for fall


I’m working on a living room makeover right now, and once that’s ready I have the perfect permanent spot for my new wreath.  What do you think about cotton wreaths?  Odd or awesome??



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  1. We used to be cotton farmers when I was a kid, so I think the cotton wreath is pretty cool! And your adding of the twine looks so cute.
    Visiting from Merry Monday Link Party.
    Blessings to you.

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