An Overlooked Affordable Home Decor Resource!

You should know by now that I’m always on the lookout for affordable home decor resources and cheap decorating ideas. Decorating can be crazy expensive, but I love to find ways around that. Because if you can get it for less, why wouldn’t you?

A few weeks ago when I was helping my friend with a makeover on her back porch I needed simple white curtains for the windows. I really didn’t want to spend much on these considering the porch is actually used for a dog grooming room. It occurred to me to look for curtains at the Christmas Tree Shops*, which was a store I hadn’t been to in years. I had a preconceived notion that this was not somewhere I’d ever want to shop for home decor.

I ran into the store without a cart and headed straight for the curtains. But things were catching my eye as a made that beeline for the back. Before I knew it, I was heading back outside for a shopping cart!

One find that really blew me away were these bamboo blinds. The color of them is the perfect shade for the bedroom makeover I’m currently working on. You guys, these were only $10 on clearance! That is a crazy good deal!



Even at the original price of $29.99 these would have been a good buy. I’m hoping these blinds are something they plan to restock because the color is perfect and I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality.



In the gardening section, they had several planters I liked. This pretty pot also happened to go perfectly with my bedroom makeover.



I love using baskets as planters, but watering the plants usually discolors the finish on the wicker. The Christmas Tree Shop had these planters in several shapes and sizes that have a removable insert, which makes watering easy. Genius!



When it comes to kitchenware, I really don’t like to spend much in this department. We cook so much over here that we are pretty rough on our dishes. I always say you need another bridal shower after 10 or more years of marriage. These white plates are under $3 each, making them perfect to use as everyday dishes. At that price, I can afford to replace them if they chip or stain.


By the way, they also had an entire set of place settings of dishes for four people at only $20! Just about everything in the photo above came from my shopping trip to the Christmas Tree Shop, the wooden spoons, and the ceramic baker as well as the dogwood branches.

My favorite find of the day, along with the bamboo blinds was this throw pillow.



Inexpensive doesn’t mean the quality isn’t there either. Look at the detailing on this.



And lastly, as I was heading towards the register I spotted these wall baskets. I picked up two of them in graduated sizes. I’m not sure where exactly I’m putting these yet, they’re on standby.



I also have to mention that the day before I went shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop, a friend had sent me a photo of a designer chair online which cost $389. I was completely floored when I saw this exact same chair at the Christmas Tree Shop for $139!!


Clearly, I will no longer underestimate this store when it comes to affordable home decor shopping!




*This post was in partnership with Christmas Tree Shops and may contain affiliate links, all opinions are my own. You can read my full disclosure here. Linking up with BNOTP.


  1. Marilynn Turner says:

    I really like the Christmas Tree Shop. They have so many things to choose from and prices are good. I usually buy my curtains there. Far less expensive than anywhere else. Love all your purchases.

  2. Those are great buys at that shop, the names fools you, but they do have a great buys thanks for this resource.

  3. Wow! I had no idea that there were so many great things at this shop. There is one near my nephew that I’ll have to stop in next time I visit. Hopefully we will get one in Pittsburgh soon.

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