7 Beautiful Area Rugs

What easier way to change the entire look of a room than with a new area rug? It’s amazing how much a new or vintage rug can completely transform a room!

Sometimes shopping for area rugs can make my eyes glaze over, it can get boring. Looking at them for too long with so many patterns. Sort of like shopping for perfume, after you’ve tested a few they all blend.

After searching for some myself recently, I thought I’d share several of my favorites here.

This first one is not as neutral as I usually prefer but I really love the color and pattern. This one is my favorite on this list but sadly I don’t have a room that I’d think this would work in right now.

I will always love a neutral jute rug! Unfortunately, I have an elderly cat with a sensitive stomach and I’ve learned the hard way that pet messes are very difficult to clean from natural jute. My cats also like to claw these so it’s not the best option with cats.

I feel this next one is more my core style. The colors are pretty but still neutral. It’s very similar to the rug I currently have in my living room.

neutral area rugs
neutral area rug

Another area rug with shades of blue. I’ve been leaning towards bringing in more blue and green into my house to add a bit of contrast.

And here is just the prettiest jute rug I’ve seen. The weaving is stunning, the color is so pretty. If not for the cats, I’d already have this somewhere.

This next area rug has the blue I’m loving lately as well as some rust. It’s really a pretty combination and I like that it looks vintage.

Lastly, a very neutral pretty pattern. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Vintage Turkish Area rugs

And here are a few vintage Turkish rugs I also love. Used rugs aren’t for everyone, but I do appreciate the character they add.

I recently bought one for my family room and it does show signs of age and has some pilling. Be aware of those before buying one. I don’t mind worn items but as I said, it’s not for everyone.

top to bottom: rug 1, rug 2, rug 3, rug 4


  1. My favourite one doesn’t seem to have a link – the one with shades of blue and green. Where can I source that one?

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