11 Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

I’d love to tell you today that I have my act together and my house is decorated perfectly for Christmas. But the truth is I don’t. In fact, it’s a pretty big mess over here right now. A week away from home was wonderful, but I have SO much to catch up on. While I’m working on that,  I do want to share some really adorable farmhouse Christmas decorations* that caught my eye this year.

Little houses are trending big time. You’ll see I included a few of those because I do love them! I couldn’t hit the “buy now” button quick enough when I saw the rustic houses with the red roofs (fourth one down).


Farmhouse Style Christmas decorations, Wood Christmas Houses

Snowy Weather Wood Houses



galvanized metal ornaments, farmhouse style Christmas decorations you'll love

Oversized Galvanized Metal Ornaments



candle right greenery

Frosted Pine Candle Ring



farmhouse style Christmas houses

Rustic Red and White House Luminary



Farmhouse Style Christmas Decorations, Plaid Stockings

Plaid Holiday Stocking




Christmas Houses Stocking Holders, Farmhouse style Christmas decorations

Christmas Houses Stocking Holders


Wood Bead Garland, farmhouse style Christmas decorations

Wooden Beads Garland



potted Christmas trees, small

Set of 3 Potted Christmas Trees


Christmas Placemat with Utensil holder

Placemat With Utensil Holder



walk by faith Christmas plaque

Walk By Faith Sign



plaid table runner holiday

Black and White Plaid Holiday Table Runner


Hopefully next week I’ll be able to share a peek inside my house. Until then, I’d love to know, are you all ready for Christmas or are you feeling the crunch?



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  1. Such a great article about Christmas decorations! I’m really upset that I didn’t find this before Christmas holidays. I hope that you will continue sharing this type of articles. I will definitely use your ideas in future!

    1. Thanks, Jill! These items are all likely on sale now. You could get them at a discount and put them away for next year!

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