Before & After

Thanks for visiting my before and after page.  I update this as I complete projects, enjoy!


Kitchen Before:

Kitchen before feature img

Kitchen After:

Builder grade kitchen makeover the Honeycomb Home


Garage converted to a family room

Before Garage converted to family room

Before and after garage converted to family room


Bedroom/Closet door makeover

Before - Closet Door Makeover
After - Closet door makeover


Rented house living room makeover (on a budget!)

Before Justine's Living Room

After - Justine's Living Room


Tiny half bathroom makeover

Before - half Bath makeover

After - half bath makeover


Pedestal Table Makeover



neutral family room decorating farmhouse style



Creative Study Space

Creative Study Space Before


Creative Study Space After


Outdated Nightstand Makeover

nightstand before


farmhouse furniture makeover diy


Pop of Color on the Porch

Before porch


After - Porch


Shuttered door makeover

Before Shuttered Doors


After - Shuttered Doors


Curbside chair before and after

Before - Curbside Chair Makeover


After - Curbside Chair Makeover









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